About Us

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February 27th of this year marked our 10 year anniversary of providing services to people in need in Martinsville and Henry County, Virginia. Since our organization’s founding in 2008, we have met needs as the Lord revealed them to us.

We’ve met needs by distributing donated furniture and appliances; providing moving assistance; purchasing gifts for poverty-stricken families at Christmas; providing transitional housing services to single mothers; performing home repairs and modifications for local homeowners; and conducting renovations to properties for ministry utilization.

We have served the homeless, shut-ins, single moms, widows, widowers, individuals with mental illnesses, and the permanently disabled. We have lent a helping hand to individuals with pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy…the list goes on and on. The common threads of sacrifice, selflessness, and servanthood have been embodied by the 100s of volunteers and dozens of churches that have made our organization a viable one in this community. Throughout these past 10 years, our volunteers and donors have risen to the occasion and met needs as revealed to us by God Himself.
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Showing the love
of Christ by meeting
the needs of others.