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You can help us grow!

We need people to partner with us in many different ways. Simply contact us and let us know if you’d like to volunteer in any of the following areas:
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Houseparent Relief
  • Overnight stays when the Houseparent is out of town
  • Filling in when the Houseparent needs to leave the Home

  • Providing transportation for our Residents to/from work, doctor’s appointments, job interviews, school, etc.

  • With our Residents working and attending school, assistance with cleaning from time to time would be appreciated.

Meal Preparation
  • With busy schedules, our Houseparent and Residents could benefit from others providing meals on occasion.

Group Opportunties

  • The provision of training to our Residents and Volunteers could be life changing. We could use training in such areas as
    • CPR/First Aid
    • Parenting Skills
    • Cooking/Meal Preparation
    • Healthy Living/Eating
  • Additionally, group Bible studies and social outings could provide fellowship to our Residents and Volunteers.
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How to become a Volunteer:
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Complete an Application. Be sure to indicate specific areas of interest.
Sign all applicable forms, waivers and releases in the Program Manual.
Submit to a Criminal Background Check & Virginia Department of Social Services CPS Search. Due to associated costs, only ‘serious’ individuals should apply.
Submit to a Drug Test.